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Wondering what sort of fiction I have to offer? Step into my shop, traveler. If you’re searching for magical swords, mischievous faeries, mysterious cats, or mystical quests, you’ve come to the right place. Peruse these shelves and choose your tale with care…

Clicking on a book cover will (in most cases) take you to the Amazon page where you can purchase it in e-book format, but you can find these books on other electronic retailers such as Kobo, Barnes and Noble, and iBooks too. Some books are also available in print.

Songbird River Chronicles Series

Singer, The Southern Dragon, The Fount of Magic, and coming soon: The Dark Ways

A silent woman awakens on the edge of a dusty wasteland. A Lady Fencer leads a journey to claim a powerful sword. A young Guide-in-training takes his unwanted follower along while he attempts his master’s trial. Their goals all converge in the mysterious ruined city, from which no one has ever returned alive.

Dark Fairytale Novella Thorn and Thimble

Raised on her father’s terrifyingly spellbinding fairy tales, Robin Weatherwax knows evil is a force of nature…

Even so, on a quest for a relationship with her mother—a botany professor—Robin puts aside her fear of nature to travel in the Russian taiga. The only remaining obstacles are the grad students taking up her mother’s attention.

But as the research team forays into the woods, a chilling voice whispers to Robin of a curse and a thirst for her blood. Robin will have to face the evil that calls to her or risk losing her chance at everything she’s ever longed for.

Short Story Collection: Three Tales of Faeries

Three tales of the fae folk at their most charming, tricky, and wicked! Includes “Claws at Hand” “The Fake Path to True Memory” and “BrideThief”

Standalone Short Stories

Want to pick and choose single shorts? Here’s what I’ve got available right now…

Multi-author collections featuring my work

Fiction River

Fiction River has published a number of my stories over the years, including my very first professional sale and publication. The genres vary across the volumes, but you should check them all out! My stories here are “Frostburnt” “Gambler’s Fallacy” “Mother Daughter” “Killing Spree” “Passion for the Game” “The Supporters in Panama City” “Upon_A_Starship.pgm” (featured in both Wishes and Among the Stars) “Dragons Are Fond of Them” and “Foiled”

A Procession of Faeries Series

Includes my stories “The Fake Path to True Memory” “BrideThief” and “Midnight Thread”

Ever After Fairy Tales Series

Includes my novella Thorn and Thimble and connected short story “Claws at Hand”

Cat Bundles

Two more bundles have featured my story “Claws at Hand” among other fabulous feline tales!

Other BundleRabbit Bundles

These bundles include my stories “Paper Trick” “The Beforedeath” “Home is Where the Cauldron Bubbles” “Instability of Self” and “BrideThief”

The Uncollected Anthology #13: Mystical Melodies

I was thrilled to be invited to contribute to an issue of the Uncollected Anthology, an amazing Urban and Contemporary Fantasy Anthology. My story for this musical volume is “The Nightly Dance Aboard the Ship of Wonders”

The Young Explorer’s Adventure Guide

Looking for some middle grade sci-fi? The first two stories of my Sugimori Sisters series are included in the 2015 and 2016 YEAG!

Want to see me playing in other author’s worlds?

Anthea Sharpe’s Bestselling Feyland Series

What if a video game became a portal into the Realm of Faerie? My stories “The Huntsman and the Old Fox” and its sequel “Getting Good” take place in this wondrous and often dangerous world.

Mercedes Lackey’s Valdemar Anthologies

The Valdemar books are beloved among many fantasy readers, and getting to add my own voice to that world has been an absolute honor. Find “Down the Line” “One Last Night Manning the Home Station” “Silent Storms” and “Letters From Home” among these volumes.

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