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Thorn and Thimble finalThorn and Thimble – a novella – available at these retailers in e-format: Amazon, Kobo, Books2Read

Raised on her father’s terrifyingly spellbinding fairy tales, Robin Weatherwax knows evil is a force of nature…

Even so, on a quest for a relationship with her mother—a botany professor—Robin puts aside her fear of nature to travel in the Russian taiga. The only remaining obstacles are the grad students taking up her mother’s attention.

But as the research team forays into the woods, a chilling voice whispers to Robin of a curse and a thirst for her blood. Robin will have to face the evil that calls to her or risk losing her chance at everything she’s ever longed for.





Singer ecover Singer is available on Smashwords in various ebook formats, as well as Amazon, Kobo, D2D, and Google Play. It is also available on Barnes and Noble and Amazon in print.

A silent woman awakens on the edge of a dusty wasteland. A Lady Fencer leads a journey to claim a powerful sword. A young Guide-in-training takes his unwanted follower along while he attempts his master’s trial. Their goals all converge in the mysterious ruined city, from which no one has ever returned alive.




The Southern Dragon ecover

The Southern Dragon is available on Smashwords, Amazon, Kobo, NOOK, and Google Play in e-format.

The stories of Singer and her friends continue three years later. Nothing will grow in the ruined Songbird River City, despite Singer’s best efforts. What’s worse, her energy dissipates every time she tries to use it lately. When Katherina arrives with news of Farien’s disappearance and a mysterious jungle springing up to the south, both Singer and Katherina must embark on journeys to the far corners of the continent




TFoM Cover eBook copy

The Fount of Magic is available in e-format on Amazon and Kobo, as well as on Amazon in print.

Three heroes, three conflicts. The fate of Songbird River City hangs in the balance.

Katherina, the Greatest Fencer in the Realm, faces false charges of murdering Klessia’s Master Magician. Serille, the amateur Magician, struggles for a chance to retaliate against those who attacked the Guild of her heart.

And Singer, beloved leader of Songbird River City, returns to her homeland after defeating a rogue dragon to find her city in smoldering ruins. Her greatest fear has come true: her sword, the energy source for her city, has fallen into the hands of the evil Sorcerers in Chirlinia, and with it, the ability to control her enormous robotic Search-and-Rescue machines.

And as the three friends journey to different corners of the Two Continents, the Sorcerers’ attempts the sow dissonance between them may yet work…





BrideThief final

BrideThief – a short story – available at these retailers in e-format: Amazon, Kobo, Books2Read

What’s a girl to do when her duties as bridesmaid suddenly require her to wear a wedding dress, too? The bride’s odd family tradition is meant to confuse evil spirits who seek to steal brides away on their special day. Chelsea might think it cute if she weren’t still nursing her wounded pride after her own disaster of an attempted wedding. But Jennifer’s been there for her as she put the pieces back together, so the least Chelsea can do is put on a stupid dress. Besides, it’s not like a real evil spirit is going to steal her away.





Passion for the Game was originally published in the Fiction River anthology Superpowers.

Jimmy never meant to let his older brother know how tired he’d gotten of playing baseball. Besides the nagging sense he ought to use his superpowers for something more important, the sport just hasn’t been any fun lately. But baseball is everything for his brother, the only family he has left. Jimmy’d rather suffer quietly through his final high school season than ruin the one bright spot in his brother’s life.

Why couldn’t he have kept his mouth shut just a little longer?



Heart's KissA Gathering of the Pieces That Were Left Behind was originally published in Heart’s Kiss Romance Magazine October issue: Amazon

Not ready to say goodbye to the feline friend she lost over the summer, Yvonne has traveled all the way to the Pretoria Big Cat Rescue Park in South Africa. She’s determined to spend Christmas working with the tiger who reminds her so much of her own Benny, even if his keeper insists the tiger won’t respond to anyone but him. Yvonne’s got plenty of experience coaxing skittish cats, but a man is something different entirely.



instability of self cover finalInstability of Self – a short story – available at these retailers in e-format: Amazon, Kobo, Books2Read, and it is also included in Stars in the Darkness: Stories of Wisdom, Justice, and Love: Amazon, Kobo

The examination room is cold. The doctor holds his tongue depressor like a serial killer holds a knife. I stand exposed, but keep hidden the bear I hold inside myself.

Because if the bear attacks, this all becomes real.

I can’t let it become real.




Collins UA cover 6x9 flipThe Nightly Dance Aboard the Ship of Wonders was originally published as part of the Uncollected Anthology’s 13 issue, Mystical Melodies.

Winston’s got rhythm, just not one that anyone else dances to. If he can’t get his own off-beat magic sorted out, he’ll have a rough time taking over his deceased mother’s beloved dance school. A trip to the Ship of Wonders, the one sailing ship in the world where true magic can flourish, could reveal the catalyst he needs to find his footing. If only the magical cacophony on deck didn’t affect his stomach even worse than the pitch of the sea!




Fake Path5The Fake Path to True Memory was written for the Faerie Summer bundle curated on

“Those memories might be important some day,” Charlie’s husband whispered. “You might want them after I’m gone.”

Charlie did remember two things about his husband: the man had known Charlie wasn’t human, and he’d made Charlie promise to always remember his Faerie Realm origin. Now old age has left Charlie with nothing to occupy his time but those two facts and his quest to reclaim his most treasured memory: the name of the man he spent a mortal lifetime with.



beforedeath-1The Beforedeath was written for the Haunted bundle curated on

Tamra grips the rotted banister. Gasps in the terrifying waves of a hot spot four steps up. Should she step into the heart of that heat? Let its unnatural pulse thunder through her corpse?

When had she stopped believing she was safe?

Do you believe in life before death?




FR 21 Tavern Tales ebook coverKilling Spree was originally published in the Fiction River anthology Tavern Tales.

Bar owner Spriegan is tryin’a keep it all together. Everything just makes her so angry. ‘Specially that sheriff and the way young Willard is workin’ her customers into…well…not much of a revolution after all. But he better get hisself down from her table afore she hurls him out hard enough to crack his fool skull.





valdemar-tempest-coverOne Last Night Manning the Home Station was originally published in Tempest: All New Tales of Valdemar. This story is set in the world of Valdemar, which was created by Mercedes Lackey.

Yerra knows she saw a Companion in the forest. It’s probably waiting out there just for her. If only she could get away from this stupid party before her ticket out of this backwards town gets tired of waiting.





home-is-where-the-cauldron-bubbles-cover-final-copyHome Is Where the Cauldron Bubbles was written for the Witches’ Brew bundle curated on It is also available individually in e-format on Amazon, Kobo, and D2D.

Mathilde Blackmore needs to move out of her mother’s house pronto, but her new home has to meet some specific requirements in order to be a proper place for an independent young witch like herself. Ben Wilson promised himself long ago that he’d never again do anything foolish for the sole purpose of impressing a woman. He’s happy with his successful life as a single realtor, but his latest client has him feeling off his usual game. Sparks fly and magic flows as the two hunt for the witchiest of houses together, until neither of them can deny the attraction between them.



fr-haunted-coverMother Daughter was originally published in the Fiction River Anthology Haunted.

Brianna’s special connection with her mother continues even after her mother’s death. She’s got no problem with finally having Mom all to her self, even as her dad and siblings continue to mourn. The only thing Brianna’s missing is a way to communicate with her mother’s spirit…





cw-feyland-coverThe Huntsman and the Old Fox was originally published in the Chronicle Worlds: Feyland anthology. This story is set in the world of Feyland, which was created by Anthea Sharp.

Decades ago, Marylan used to play games professionally. Now, her granddaughter’s excited to show off her favorite game, Feyland. But the wonder of full immersion in a virtual faerie world fades under Marylan’s frustration with the unfamiliar mechanics, and one particular faerie starts to feel a little too real, and far too dangerous.




paper-trick-final-copyPaper Trick was written for the Fantasy in the City bundle curated on It is also available individually in e-format on Amazon, Kobo, and D2D.

Everyone recognizes Claire Krane’s artistic gift  with paper. Everyone except her parents, that is, who are too busy with work. Her nanny knows the true extent of Claire’s ability to bring paper creations to life, and she’s stressed keeping the magic a secret. But the school play is coming up, and her parents hint they might come see it. Claire is willing to pull out all the stops to impress them. The only problem is how little control she has over her mischievous paper tricks. When they go rogue on her they might ruin more than just the climax of the school play.


2016_cover4The Sugimori Sisters and the Time Machine Conflict was originally published in The 2016 Young Explorer’s Adventure Guide.

Ellen Sugimori just wants to get her history project done without having to set foot in the school’s creepy library. Luckily, Little Sister’s been working on a prototype time machine for her own science project. When the girls fight over whose project is more important, they don’t end up when either of them wanted. Now they’ve got to work together to keep from becoming dino-lunch!




valdemar-crucible-coverDown the Line was originally published in Crucible: All New Tales of Valdemar. This story is set in the world of Valdemar, which was created by Mercedes Lackey.

Kweilin’s used to her grandfather and her nephew fighting. This time it’s over whether young Torec should do his duty to the village and marry. Can Kweilin continue to support both the man who taught her everything she knows and the nephew who’s all she has left of her lost brother?





2015yeagThe Sugimori Sisters and the Interplanetary Concept Clash was originally published in The 2015 Young Explorers Adventure Guide.

Ellen Sugimori just wants to be a normal American kid, one who doesn’t have to go to Japanese school every Saturday. An afternoon of playing with Little Sister’s pretend rocket ship sounds like the perfect way to avoid working on her Japanese school culture project. But when imagination leads to a crash landing on Mars, it’ll take some drastic measures to get back to the backyard in time for dinner!




mcb-quarterly-coverMan of the House was originally published in The MCB Quarterly.

Some idiot has hit a skunk right outside the house. The gag-me stench woke me before my alarm, dammit. But no use waiting for Derrik to deal with it. Dad always said “A man does what needs doing,” so that’s what I’ll do. Even at God-awful o’clock in the morning.





FR Pulse Pounders ebook cover webFrostburnt was originally published in the Fiction River anthology Pulse Pounders.

Arctin is affiliated with the element of Ice, and he has prepared for the moment when an Ice Beryl will join him as his bonded companion. On the day of his Bonding Ceremony, disaster strikes, and he is bonded with a Fire Beryl, the bane of all Ice users. Arctin’s attempts to rid himself of Fiyra’s destructive powers drive him to a hard decision: suffer the burn of her fire, or face one of his biggest childhood fears…




FR-Risk-Takers-ebook-cover-CC-194x300Gambler’s Fallacy was originally published in the Fiction River anthology Risk Takers.

Trained to speak with ghosts through music, Kaitlin is on one of her first jobs as a spirit bard. The client: a high-rolling casino preparing for a big poker tournament. The job: a trouble-making ghost who likes a good gamble. With high stakes bearing down on her, Kaitlin must convince the ghost to leave or risk losing her job.








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