Novel Dare Day 2

Word Count: 3,000. Total: 4,400

Listening to: Aesthetic Lo-fi for Witches and Sorcerers on Youtube

This second day of the challenge between myself and my honored father sees me hitting my first goal, which was to complete chapter 1 of this book, An Ally in Summer, over two days. My hope is to keep to two days per chapter throughout, which would actually let me finish in only 22 days, per my current outline. But we shall see. Some chapters wind up needing more attention. Some outlines exist only to be torn apart in frustration.

I’m really excited about this series. The idea started as a short story, which I wrote and published under the title “BrideThief”, about an old wedding tradition of having a bride’s attendants dress identically to the bride in order to confuse evil spirits bent on kidnapping her. What if one of those attendants got whisked away by a very real evil spirit? (you can check out my Books and Stories page to find multiple places to read it, either standalone, in a collection with some of my other stories, or in various multi-author bundles.) I enjoyed that story, and couldn’t stop envisioning what would happen to Chelsea, her friends, and the Winter Queen afterwards, plus I wanted to keep playing in the version of the Faerie Realm I’d created, with the four seasonal Courts.

It seemed pretty logical to write a four book series, then, one book for each of the seasonal Courts. Book 1, A Prisoner to Spring, uses “BrideThief” as its first chapter, then follows the direct aftermath of that story, and shows us the nature of the conflict between the Winter Court and the Spring Court.

Now I’m on to An Ally in Summer, and get to introduce a whole new cast of faeries to my heroine. Fun!

I hope you enjoy following along with me as I carouse about the Faerie Realm, as well as totally kick my dad’s butt in this challenge 🙂

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