Steady Progress

I’ve got a few writing projects on my plate right at the moment, including two novels and a handful of short stories. Most of these projects are currently in the “just starting out” phase, meaning I’ve got a few ideas and bits of plot lines written down in my notebook. One of the two novels (currently very originally called “Second Novel”, since it’s the second novel I’ve worked on) is actually in its first draft stage. I spent a decent chunk of time today working on it, and I’ve finally gotten through all three (yes, three!) prologues. I dunno, maybe later I’ll decide to call them chapters, but they each introduce a main character and get them to the point where the real story can start. So they feel like prologues right now. I’m not sure about the third one right now, mostly, I think, because I don’t quite have a firm handle on that character yet, but hopefully as I dig through this first draft I’ll discover more about her so that I can make her prologue more in tune with who she really is.

The other novel is the sequel to Singer. The current plan with this one is to get it all plotted out in time for November, when I will power through the first draft in a month. I’ve actually got some decent headway into the outline, and I’ve got lots of fun and interesting ideas that I’m playing around with. I think the most fun part of this sequel will be exploring a world which I only got a tiny peek of in the first book, but which I am discovering to be peopled with more interesting characters and sprinkled with fantastic and dangerous places to visit.

The short stories will come as they come, I suppose.

Anyway, so long as I can keep up some steady progress, I’ll be happy with myself.


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  1. Ron
    Aug 26, 2013 @ 22:52:46

    A page a day. Or two. 🙂


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